Ask Radio Resistance: Forgetting Other Galaxies

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dear radio resistance,

when i consider the collective scope of all of the lifetimes that I’ve lived, and in particular the lifetimes that have ended abruptly and with little remaining connection (through loss of friends and lovers), i am left with an immense sorrow for of the loss of shared memories. I can watch the fog slowly roll in and remove my life, but I’m powerless to stop it. I’m disappearing and soon there will be nothing left where there was once connectivity, humanity, and joy. What music do you recommend for my current thought patterns?

with regret,

forgetting other galaxies


Dear Forgetting Other Galaxies,

Your message about existential crisis and request for music to accompany this journey made my day. Music can be a way to anchor in time, hold tight, savor and remember, to offset the sheer terror of being ALIVE, which implicitly means loss. All music is about that, or sex.

Here is a mix for you. One that hides many secrets in the fog, ready to be loved, forgotten, remembered again. A thousand tiny lifetimes and their receding.

And as you are mourning the loss of shared memories, this mix follows the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. See if you can pinpoint the changes…

With love from the fog,

Radio Resistance